Social Dance Lessons

Intimidated by the thought of stepping out on the dance floor? Ballroom Boutique will give you confidence to dance in any social setting. As they guide you through popular dance styles, our instructors will help you become the life of the party in no time.

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No Partner? No Problem!

Did you know that you can learn to dance without bringing your own partner? (or Don’t let the absence of a partner stop you from experiencing the joy of dance.)

Your dance instructor will be both teacher and partner. And the best part is you will be learning so much faster as the entire focus will be on you.

Join Our Social Dance Parties and Practice Your New Moves!

We host Social Dance Parties monthly on Fridays, 8-10 pm. These parties are designed for our students to practice and improve their dance skills and socialize with other members of our studio family.

Hil H

Ballroom Boutique Dance Company is a wonderful place to learn to dance. Donatas really does outshine the other various dance studios in NYC and Nassau County. After trying many other studios, we gave dancing a break for a few years. Recently, we discovered Ballroom Boutique last year. Donatas is both encouraging and a very thoughtful teacher. We learn various dances with lots of fun and laughter! We renewed our initial package and look forward to our lessons every time! We had so much fun learning dance with Donatas ahead of our wedding that we immediately jumped on the opportunity to continue taking lessons with him after! We are now learning additional styles of dance and expanding our repertoire.

Sharon Rappaport

My dance journey began and has continued with Ballroom Boutique for many years and I have loved every minute of it. The instructors are experts at their craft and able to communicate to their students instilling their love of dance to us.
My lessons are the best part of my day!!

Paula Erazo

Donatas is a great dance teacher and my wife Tasheema and I will definitely learn from him again.

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