Competition/Performance Ballroom Dance Lessons

Welcome to the amazing world of ballroom dancing. Our dance academy can help you perfect your skills and elevate your ability to perform.

There are two avenues to take your dancing to the next level: Show Performance and Dance Competition.

It’s fun to be a part of a Show Dance! Our students enjoy showcasing their personality and dedication for dance in our Showcase event.

Also, you can enjoy Dance Competition glamour and excitement. You will elevate your dance skills to a completely new level the moment you join the Ballroom Competition World.

Paul Rappaport

Donatas has coached my wife into becoming a ballroom competition star. I love watching her dance and wanted to learn as well so that we could dance together at parties and events. I will never match her expertise but Donatas has trained me, from having no experience, to becoming a true dancer myself. Whether you’re in a class or taking private lessons, the best part is, he makes learning to dance so much fun! I highly recommend Ballroom Boutique for anyone looking to try a new wonderful experience that adds so much joy and happiness to your life..

Alexander Khirich

Located in the nice area with the romantic view of the canal and a bridge, dance studio appeared to be very cozy, well designed and tastefully decorated . Instructors are not only high class professional dancers but excellent teachers. I enjoy coming there.

Kiara Romotzki

Donatas is a fabulous dancer and an incredible teacher. He has a great personality, positive attitude and is patient, which allows him to successfully teach all levels of dance.

Venceslau D'Silva

“My Dream Fulfilledâ€

I grew up in India. All through my teenage and young adult years, I had the good fortune to attend many social events where dancing was the key part of the event. However, due to my shyness I never dared to take the floor and sat and watched while people of all ages were up dancing and having a ball. There were cousins of mine who tried to drag me to the dance floor, but I was too insecure and would not go.

When I came to America, I got a bit more adventurous but stepped on a few toes of the ladies who were dancing with me and became embarrassed. But my strong desire to learn to dance the proper way never vanished from my mind and so I feel so fortunate to have met Donatas and started learning to dance as I always imagined. The teaching abilities of Donatas simply boggle my mind, he is kind, patient, dedicated, and makes every student comfortable. He has a charm and personality that ensures that every dance student gets the maximum benefit of the class he is teaching. His patience is Socratic and Benedictine as well. Those are the qualities I admire in him the most . And, now I can dance!

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